Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter rabbit and carrot swag

                                        Happy Easter!

I would like to share with you a rabbit and carrots I made using some canvas corp burlap.
 First I drew a bunny head then I cut it out and glued it together with fab tac and stuffed it with some cotton, then I painted it with high impact paints from tattered angels and embellished it with canvas corp rope trim and layers it on the inside of the ears and made a nose with whiskers.

 Then I took some orange and green burlap from canvas corp I drew a long triangle   Then cut it out from the orange then I took top and bottom layer glued it up each side then stuffed it with tissue then I look a long piece if the green I rolled it then glued it in the top and closed it up then I took my scissors and sliced down the green burlap to make it look like carrot greens then I took some high impact pant and paint brush and dabbed all over the carrot randomly to give it highlights or that oh so  vintage look! I will share some step by step photos how I made the carrots , I hope to inspire you to make some for yourself they are so fun to do!

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misty said...

The Easter bunny and carrots are so dang cute!!! You are so creative!!!