Thursday, December 18, 2014

Canvas Corp Christmas Apron

Hi everyone

I'm here today to share a quick easy fun project, today I'm getting ready for the holiday it's time to make some Aprons to bring out the baking spirit!

This is the apron I used 

I took a extra small kids apron and three small banners and coaster  from Canvas Corp.
First I took some as all banners and glued them down with fabtac glue , then I embellished the edge with ribbon, then I added some ribbon and lace at the waste band and a little flower. 
I used the coasters for my pockets, I folded the edged down just enough to add a button  then I tacked it down with fab tac glue then I took some lace and embellished the edges (using fab tac glue ) onto the coaster pockets then I glued them down  onto the apron 
Next I took some  red burlap and glued it down on the edge then folded it over to the back side and glued it  down then I added some vintage  ruffle and glued it down with fab tac glue 

This  was my ideas for kids apron I will be making the one with the envelope for valentines ! 

I got these adorable aprons at Canvas corp I think they are so stinkin adorable for the kids!

Here  is another simple no sew apron I made  using some lace and Christmas stocking 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tattered Lady

Hi everyone
I'm here to share a fun canvas, I made using some Tattered Tangeled Paper that I painted with, Tatttered Angels paints and mist. I used that beautiful lady print  I found on pintress again,   I glued it down on top of my painted canvas and embellished her with some lovely vintage lace and jewels.

I just love all the vintage lace and embellishments you can find in zues and Zoe shop! 

I took a piece of tattered Tangeled paper and painted it! 

First stamped over top of the page with archival black ink with Tim holtz swirl stamp , then  I painted
the  Tattered Tangeled paper with tattered Angels high Impact and glimmer glaze  paints 

You can find this amazing paper and Paints at. Canvascorpbrands 

I cut it into four pieces 

Then I glued it on top of my canvas 

After I glued themdown I painted  it with glimmer glaze gold inbetween  the lines and then took my paint brush and flicked the glimmer glaze onto the page 

Now I took some green mixed paint (gesso and  tattered Angels) to give it an old look 
I mixed yellow and black high impact paint with gesso to get a sage green .

Thank you for looking  hope you have a wonderful day! 

Products I used...
vintage doily and metal embellishments
Antique linens ,lace and trims
Blank canvas
Fabcastello  gel multi medium
Tattered Angels paints , glimmer Glaze , baseboard mists
Tattered Tangled paper

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tattered Angels overthinking Art

Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to share with you a Mixed Media Canvas. My inspiration for creating this was my mood. Do you ever have one of those days when your mind is just going a hundred miles an hour? Well sometimes I have them, and, today was the day I created my mood !

I first took Mod Podge and covered the entire canvas. I gently placed my 7 Gypsies tissue papers on top of the mod podge so that I would not tear it.


I printed out this pretty Vintage Lady that I found on Pinterest and fussy cut her out. I then glued her on top of the tissue paper.I then used some joint compound and randomly made smears with my spatula, then I took my piece of bubble wrap and pushed it down in the smears. Using the Tattered Tangled Quotes I cut out some words and glued them down. Notice how they are floating out from the top of her headThe last step was to take some Bees Wax and melt it over the top of the words and the ladies face.
I finished it off by spraying Tattered Angels sprays over the entire canvas. Using the wax as a resist, I wiped off the words and the ladies face. Then I splattered some of the paints by flicking my paint brush randomly, then I painted the bubble wrap with the high impact paints and stamped it randomly , be sure not to go over the face or words it doesn't wipe off as well as the sprays do. As you can see mine was covered up a little to much, however it really looks old and vintage looking. I cut one ruler into three pieces and randomly glued them down onto the canvas, I painted the alphabets with my high Impact brown paint, then I glued them down. Next I took the clothespins and
made a crown and added some flowers and gears. Place the remainder gears randomly.

Tools you will need
Heat gun or melting iron
Hot glue gun
Bubble wrap (I used this for stencil, paint on the high impact paint and randomly stamp , also with white
gesso )
You can find the Canvas Corp Brands products here....
1 blank stretched canvas
1pkg numbered tissue
1 pkg small rulers
I pkg medium clothespin
1pkg gears
1pkg keys

Flowers of choice
Tattered Angels sprays and paints the colors you would like for you home,
Tattered Angels products I used.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Canvas Corp Brands waxed Hobo bag

Hello everyone

I have a cute waxed  hobo bag to share with you today!
First you will need to get a drawstring canvas bag and some Tattered Angels sprays. I used Plainjane baseboard cardboard  and Plain Jane baseboard leaf and pariafin and bees wax! I also added an adorable canvas flower with a little bling in the center.  I wanted mine to look like an old leather bag that has been well loved!

You can find most of the products I used at ... http://shop.canvascorpbrands

First you will need to spray the bag with the Baseboard Cardboard , I sprayed my handles with leaf.  If you choose to do the handles differently you will need to be careful they will bleed onto the rest of the fabric unless you cover them compleatly with a Baggie.  I would know!  I accidentally let my Handle touch the brown part of my canvas sigh ... So to make it look  like I ment to do this I let them drop down and I twisted the bag up with them ... Yes! I like this I said... It was not ruined sweet! Now take the brick of parifin wax and 1/4 cup of bees wax and melt in a double broiler... While the wax is melting, make sure you cover your work area with paper. Okay, onto the next step after it is compleatly dry. Once the wax is all melted and mixed up, you take your paint brush and dip into the hot wax carefully not to burn yourself and paint the whole bag with the wax.  Let the bag dry. The wax will change color when dry then you can take your blow dryer in high and melt in the wax, the bag will absorb the wax , let it dry if you see a spot you missed melt it with the blow dryer!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finnabair Cosy challenge

Hello Everybody, 
 I  would like to share a FUN challenge with you! 

                                                              My Insperation for cosy....

was inspired by waking up to that cosy smell of coffee.. 

I started with a blank canvas... Tattered Angels sprays and paints (glimmer mist - pumpkin spice, kiwi, golden orange, glam-espresso bean ) a rooster napkin, modeling paste, mod podge, crushed eggshells, Canvas Corp coffee defined on Kraft sampler paper and some jute rope.
I used the Tattered Angels Pumkin Spice Spray and sprayed the canvas.  I then used mod podge and painted it down where I wanted my napkin to be. I carefully laid the napkin on top of the Mod Podge and tapped it down. Next I took some modeling paste and made random smears. I then poured  some Mod Podge onto my canvas randomly. This next step I took some crushed eggshells and smashed them into the glue. After it was dry I took the tattered Angels mists and layered them to get the look I wanted. I then poured some espresso bean Glam onto a plate and took a coffee cup and dipped the bottom edge of the coffee cup into the paint and randomly sat the coffee cup onto my canvas .  I used the defined coffee sampler page and cut out the COFFEE letters and grunged them up on the edges. Next I took a phrase and cut it out and grunged the edges using my succory to give it a rustic look. I then dabbed the edges into espresso bean glam.  I placed them onto the canvas where I wanted them to be. Adding a little jute rope for some more depth.

You can find most of the products I used at

Thursday, October 2, 2014

7Gypsies Ticket holder tray

Hello Everyone , 
I would love to share my altered 
7Gypsies Ticket holder 

I love how this  turned out! 

First I  took Tim holtz gear die and some 7Gypsies heavy duty chipboard and I cut it in 2 1/2 in strip. Next step is to start at the end of the cut and keep putting it thew until you make one long strip of gears . Then start with some  copper high impact paint next paint the gears after its dry ,Add  some espresso bean glam glaze a few splats then I took my heat gun and heat dried it to make sure it bubbled , next I added the metal kits layers like it shows in the directions then add some sea kelp glimmer glaze .  Keep layering all  until you get the dirired look. 
Then embellished it with all the yummy embellishments canvas corp brands! 

You can find all the product I used here

Thanks for stopping by 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Things I love challenge !

Hello Everyone, 

it's Kimberly here I'm so honored to be asked to do a guest post for Berry71blue. The challenge was to tell a story what you love , well I decided I would tell my creative love story nothing mussy ... Lol so I made a page with creative things I love ! I took some yummy vintage items from zeus and Zoe's etsy shop ...  And some yummy Canvas Corp papers and burlap.  This was a fun and easy project to make I just pulled out some things I love like  beautiful paper. lace , burlap old vintage findings and of course coffee embellishments .  then I created my page  with all the fun layers. I had so much fun with this challenge hope to see you join in on this challenge ! 

Thank you for looking. 

You can find the beautiful vintage findings at I used here.

You can find all the yummy Canvas Corp Brands I used here.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Canvas Corp Brands Fall Farmhouse Kitchen

Hello Everyone

I have some Fun Fall Inspiration  to share , I received a adorable burlap saggy baggy from Canvas Corp Brands  and  a farmhouse kitchen canvas panel in my creative crew box.
 First I took my canvas panel and cut out the artichoke , then I sprayed it with some Tattered Angels glimmer mist  kiwi. next I took some fabric tac and glued it to my saggy  baggy, then I cut strips of brown and green burlap and glued them under the fold of the bag .
 I really wanted to do something special with this cute bag I made, so I turned it into a Saggy Baggy Floral Arraignment.
I took a mason jar and filled it up with marbles, then I took some flowers and dropped them inside the jar , next I put it into the burlap saggy  baggy and stuffed tissue around the edges to make the bag look fuller .

Products used..
1 Saggy Baggy quart size.
I Farmhouse Kitchen Panel
1 Brown Burlap
1 Green burlap
Tattered Angels Glimmer mist kiwi
Fabric tac
Mason jar

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Burlap Banner

Hello Everyone,

I'm  so excited to share...

I've created a banner using the gorgeous vintage  items from Zeus and Zoe's store, she has some amazing vintage items.  I also used a little burlap and canvas from Canvas Corp Brands. 
Please stop by Zeus and Zoe's for some fun inspiration ! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Canvas Corp Brands Art Banner

Hi Everyone

                                I made another banner with some yummy burlap and canvas!

First I cut some pennant banners out ,next I fold the edge over my hemp rope and glued carefully with hot glue, be sure to space then out to add some ties between the banners . 
Next layer  some yummy burlap on top of them . 
Next I added some Serengeti tags I cut out and colored using glimmer glaze from Tattered Angels. 
Then tear some canvas into strips to the I between the banners.

Hint:  when making your first pennant fold a sheet of copy paper in half and cut the pennant to the size you are looking for and both sides will be even, now you have a perfect pattern to cut each one.  You can make a copy of the shape reduced on your copier for the smaller shapes if you want them to be the same proportion just smaller.

30" x 36" Fabric - Natural Canvas 10 oz.   

                                                30" x 36" Fabric - Linen Burlap

                                               30" x 36" Fabric - Cappuccino

                                                B & W Tags: Serengeti (16 pieces) 

                                   You can find all the yummy product I used here

  7Gypsies Serengeti  B&W Tags
alphabet letters 
Tattered Angels glimmer glaze basically bare coconut shell, adobe, sea kelp.. 
High impact paint-brown glimmer mist crushed shells.