Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vintage wedding centerpiece

I would like to share , I recently needed  a special color of flowers for a wedding  arraignment I  wasn't able to find , I looked all over and still couldn't find what I needed ,so I reached for my Tattered Angels sprays to see if I could custome dye my flowers....  Yep... Just what I needed. I was so happy how they turned out that I went to the dollar store and bought some more  white flowers so I could  share with you how easy it is to custom dye flowers for that so special occasion!

         I wanted a vintage look for this wedding center piece so I took my white roses  and I sprayed and painted them with  precious metal and  dazzling diamonds, Tattered  Angels glimmer mist!  I wanted them  to have the  tea dyed look with some shimmer that I so love! The precious metal and dazzling diamond gave me that look I wanted!
 First I took a little cup sprayed a couple spray  of precious metal into it , then I took my paint brush and lightly painted the  precious metal glimmer mist on  the roses all over on some and a few I just done the tips to give my bouquet the look I was looking for...then I sprayed some dazzling diamonds over them ....I'm so  happy  with my Tattered Angels and how they made my silk flowers look!   I have to tell you....Beware this can be addicting won't be able to ever look at a silk flower with out thinking I can personalize it!

                                         Here is my before and after! Didn't it turn out gorgeous!
                                I so love how the Tattered  Angels sprays gave it such a antiqued look!

After I Was finished with all my roses I made a vintage wedding center piece 
I took a med Saggie Baggie and banners from canvas corp and I embellished them with some lace,bling then I added my vintage looking roses ! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Flowers for a Vintage Theme Wedding

I was recently asked to make flower arrangements for a wedding. I needed a special color of the flowers and was not able to find what I wanted. I looked through my Tattered Angels Sprays to see if I would be able Customize a color YEP! I found just what I needed. I was so happy with the way they turned out I went back to the Dollar Store and bought some more ! I used White Flowers so that I could share just how easy it is to custom color flowers for that special occasion !

The Bride & Groom were looking for a "Vintage" looking center piece. So, I sprayed the White Roses and painted them with Precious Metal and Dazzling Diamonds Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists! I wanted them to have the Tea Dyed look as well as some shimmer that I love. The Precious Metal and Dazzling Diamonds together gave the look that I wanted !

I sprayed some Precious Metal into a cup. And with my paintbrush I began painting the petals. Some of the Roses I painted the entire petal and some it was just the tips. When I was happy with the look I was going for I sprayed some Dazzling Diamonds on. I am so happy with my Tattered Angels Sprays and how they made my silk flowers give me the exact look I wanted.

I must tell you tho, this can be very addicting ! You will not be able to ever look at a silk flower the same way again. You will be thinking - can I personalize it ?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tattered Angels be yourself tag.

Hi everyone,
I have a a tag  to share with you  today, I used some yummy burlap and Tattered Angels from Canvas Corp Brands.  The lovely flowers I used are from Handicrafts suppliers .

 I've been experimenting with Tattered Angels glimmer glaze and high impact paints...I've been having so much fun with them!
I wanted my tag fairly large so I bought a sheet of black poster board at Walmart for my tags..I cut strips of 4x12 then I cut the corners off to make it look like a tag.
I took a piece of burlap and pasted it down with some joint compound then I  stenciled  bricks over it randomly, let dry! Then I misted my tag with baseboard cardboard Tattered  Angels be sure to let it dry . I painted the bricks with high impact espresso bean and adobe glimmer glaze. Then I cut out some leaf branches and I painted them ... I painted the branches with high impact brown and glimmer glaze cowboy heat it with heat gun ... For the leaves I used glimmer glaze sea kelp and heated it with the heat gun so it bubbled up some to look like real leaves. Then I stamped a doll image and colored her body with ivory baseboard that I sprayed in a little cup and painted with a paint brush on  her skin, then I painted the dress with glimmer glaze blue oasis and aloha green.. I also used my heat gun to make it bubble some to give it a lacy look. Then I took a quote from Tattered tangles and I misted it with glummer mist blarney and painted the edges with cowboy glimmer glaze. I love how the paints made my tag look with so much depth. I then embellished my tag with so cherry blossoms from Handicrafts supplier