Monday, June 23, 2014

Canvas Corp … A Crafty 4th of July

Hi everyone,
The 4th of July is almost here and it was time to pull out all that is red, white and blue.  I was ready for something new to add…..nothing a little paper, cord, buttons and burlap couldn't fix.

My "Freedom Banner" - Each pennant is cut from Canvas Home Basics 12x12 Denim, Ivory and Red Burlap Sheets.  Wrap the top around your cord and hot glue into place and embellished each banner with trim, lace, flowers, strings of pompons and printed cardstock.

I cut mini pennant shapes from Canvas Home Basics 12x12 Red & Ivory and Navy & Ivory Mini Dot Reverse Cardstock.

Hint:  when making your first pennant fold a sheet of copy paper in half and cut the pennant to the size you are looking for and both sides will be even, now you have a perfect pattern to cut each one.  You can make a copy of the shape reduced on your copier for the smaller shapes if you want them to be the same proportion just smaller.

This fun 4th of July Firecracker Centerpiece is a fun way to re-use Pringles containers and dress up your 4th of July tables in-side or out.  Hint:  if putting outside fill them with rocks so they don't blow away and will help keep your tablecloth down if using one.

First you will need to eat your Pringles, the more tables the more Pringles…
You will need the following:
3 empty Pringles cans per centerpiece
1 sheet Canvas Home Basics Red & Ivory Big Stripe
2 sheets Canvas Home Basics Navy & Ivory Big Strip
1 sheet each Canvas Home Basics Red & Ivory and Navy and Ivory Mini Dot Reverse (you can use the scraps left from your banner)
1 sheet each Canvas Home Basics Red & White Chevron and Red & Ivory Ribbon Stripe
1 Canvas Home Basics Buralp Fringe
1 Canvas Home Basics Red Hemp
1 Canvas Home Basics Natural Hemp
12" White pipe cording
1 pack 7gyspies Chipboard Alphas
1 bottle Tattered Angels High Impact Pigment Paint - Blue
1 bottle Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze - Saffron 

Paper Cutter
Paint Brush
Step 1 - cover the cans with with Big Stripe Papers with double sided tape and decorate with burlap or ribbon at the top.
Step 2 - make rosettes with the other papers
Cut 2" strips of paper 12" long with the same width. The width of the paper strips determines how large your rosette will be. As an option, you can punch the border as well. Punch out 1"circle, ink the edges if you would like to distress them at this step, then score the paper evenly every 1/2", for tighter rosettes, score more often and looser ones, less often, accordion fold then glue both ends together, take the 1" circle put a dab of glue I used hot glue and fold the sides inwards onto the circle, letting the bottom fan out. Fiddle around until you get your accordion flower! Add buttons to center of rosettes.
Step 3 - Wrap all 3 cans together with the Burlap Fringe and Cords to make them on piece making a messy bow from the cords.
Step 4 - cut a couple pennant flags out of a few of the cardstock papers then layer them with small rosettes on top.
Step 5 - paint 7Gypsies Chipboard Alphas with Tattered Angels High Impact Paint - Blue for JULY and for the 4 TH use Glimmer Glaze - Saffron.
Step 6 - Cover the lids of your cans with remaining paper scraps and cut a small hole to insert approx.  3-4" of piping to create your "wicks" - don't forget to add rocks or sand at this step if you will be using these outside.

I just had to cover this little star box with a Paper and a Canvas Home Basics Red Canvas Flower and a remaining rosette.

I just love how Canvas Corps yummy papers work to create these fun 4th of July projects! Thank you for stoping by.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wish I was at the Beach

Hi Everyone,

Today I was wishing I was at the beach, so I had to create a beach of my own.  My “Wish I was at the Beach” Mixed Media layout started with a piece of Canvas Home Basics 12x12 White Flute.  I smeared joint compound randomly all over the fluted paper and let it dry.  I then misted with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Chalkboard paints to create the background and set it aside to dry, once dry I rolled the paper up and then back and forth, allowing some of the joint compound to fall off to allow some of the white to show through.  The flute accepts the color differently than the joint compound creating a beautiful background.

I cut apart the Canvas Home Basics Beach Sampler to make the banner and “Life is better at the beach” sign, backing them with Blue & Ivory Cardstock Papers and Turquoise Burlap.  I used a tape gun to glue the paper to paper.  

I created this beachy mini garlands with mini flowers, natural jute rope, assorted shells and netting (I used netting I saved from an onion bag.

Put all the pieces in place and glue to the flute with a hot glue gun.  For the final touch I tied mini nautical knots with the jute cord.  Add your favorite beach photo, a sprinkle of shells and jute and you are instantly at the beach. 

Things I used:
Canvas Home Basics (CHB) 12x12 White E-Flute
CHB 12x12 Beach Sampler
CHB 12x12 Blue & Ivory Chevron Cardstock
CHB 12x12 Turquoise on White Cardstock 
CHB 12x12 Turquoise Burlap Sheet
CHB Jute Ball
Tattered Angles Glimmer Mist – Maya Blue, Vintage Blue and Coral Reef
Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mist – Ivory and Iron
Joint Compound
Assorted Mini Shells
Assorted Mini Roses – light blue, blue and white 
Tape gun
Hot glue gun

To find all Canvas Home Basics and Tattered Angels products visit

You can get the flowers at ..

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tattered Angels High impact pants and mists

Hello Everyone

I have a fun little project to share using Tattered Angels Pure Mistable Paper (Satin) and High Impact (Blue,white) and plain jane simply sheer bright blue and baseboard ivory,iron,leaf,cardboard) and glimmer mist twinkle yellow,kiwi.

First I took my sheet of Mistable satin paper and sprayed it with plain jane bright blue on the top half of the paper then the second half I sprayed kiwi glimmer mist  and  baseboard leaf.

Second I sprayed some plain jane bright blue and held my paper up so it would run down to the end
then I quickly sprinkled some utee on it .., be sure to tap it real good then heat with heat gun.
 Third spray some ivory baseboard randomly heat dry it then add some high impact white paint randomly to sky heat with heat gun then add some high impact blue heat with heat gun the. Spray some bright blue let it run down sprinkle utee heat melt it. The I misted shirt quick sprays of iron.
Then I sprayed some cardboard and leaf to the lower half and sprinkled with utee heat set it with heat gun. You can keep adding mist until you get the desired look you want.
Then I cute. 5x7 piece and added it to my card then I added  my embellishments that I wanted to use.

With the left overs from the cuts I made this post cad for my friend that loves mixed media.
I used some cuts  and papers from Serengeti and Canvas Corp post cards

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Artist printer tray

Hi everyone,

I received a  7Gypsies printer tray  From  Canvas Corp Brands  and was  asked to Alter  it !
First I Measured the squares , then cut  alternating papers, I used  some Canvas Corps Yummy.... papers!  This is what I used...   It's a Girl Sampler on Ivory and Pink ,Ivory dot reverse paper ,pink paper and hot pink paper . I used Canvas Corp Tag and Ties for my banner , I  scored them then folded them over on some Canvas Corp Hot Pink hemp rope then cut some paper to center them and added my my letters I cut out  with hot pink paper from Canvas Corp.
Then I embellished my Artist Printer Tray and made sure to  leave some blank to add pictures later.
I took the Handel off the top and added some dazzling dollar bin diamonds Door knobs I found , to the top then I took some flowers and lace to embellish it. 


Here is  a little help , I found on the measurements ! 

You can find the all the yummy Canvas Corp Brand products 

You can find all the flowers 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

7Gypsies Pennant banner... Boho Inspired

Hi Everyone,

As part of Canvas Corp Brands we were asked to make a Pennant Banner. The first thing  came to my mind was Boho Artsy ! I wanted to keep it clean and simple.

I used the 7 Gypsies Pennants Banners that were pre-cut out of canvas. I then folded the upper tab. Next, glue them to a piece of twine, string or ribbon. I used Canvas Corps yummy hemp rope. You could also use a hole punch to punch a hole in each of the upper corners and string them together with twine, string or ribbon. It is as easy as that !                              

I took the hot pink hemp rope and a dab of hot glue to make a circle. I  then trailed them across and cut. I repeated this all the way across each pennant. I then took some canvas and tore 1/2 inch wide strips. I tattered them by pulling out some of the strings. I tied them between each pennant and then on the out sides 

I then cup my letters from Canvas Corp Black and White Type Alpha and layered them with with Hot Pink Damask reverse and black paper.

I am thrilled with way this turned out   I hope you have as much fun making yours as I did mine !