Thursday, December 18, 2014

Canvas Corp Christmas Apron

Hi everyone

I'm here today to share a quick easy fun project, today I'm getting ready for the holiday it's time to make some Aprons to bring out the baking spirit!

This is the apron I used 

I took a extra small kids apron and three small banners and coaster  from Canvas Corp.
First I took some as all banners and glued them down with fabtac glue , then I embellished the edge with ribbon, then I added some ribbon and lace at the waste band and a little flower. 
I used the coasters for my pockets, I folded the edged down just enough to add a button  then I tacked it down with fab tac glue then I took some lace and embellished the edges (using fab tac glue ) onto the coaster pockets then I glued them down  onto the apron 
Next I took some  red burlap and glued it down on the edge then folded it over to the back side and glued it  down then I added some vintage  ruffle and glued it down with fab tac glue 

This  was my ideas for kids apron I will be making the one with the envelope for valentines ! 

I got these adorable aprons at Canvas corp I think they are so stinkin adorable for the kids!

Here  is another simple no sew apron I made  using some lace and Christmas stocking 

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