Friday, June 13, 2014

Tattered Angels High impact pants and mists

Hello Everyone

I have a fun little project to share using Tattered Angels Pure Mistable Paper (Satin) and High Impact (Blue,white) and plain jane simply sheer bright blue and baseboard ivory,iron,leaf,cardboard) and glimmer mist twinkle yellow,kiwi.

First I took my sheet of Mistable satin paper and sprayed it with plain jane bright blue on the top half of the paper then the second half I sprayed kiwi glimmer mist  and  baseboard leaf.

Second I sprayed some plain jane bright blue and held my paper up so it would run down to the end
then I quickly sprinkled some utee on it .., be sure to tap it real good then heat with heat gun.
 Third spray some ivory baseboard randomly heat dry it then add some high impact white paint randomly to sky heat with heat gun then add some high impact blue heat with heat gun the. Spray some bright blue let it run down sprinkle utee heat melt it. The I misted shirt quick sprays of iron.
Then I sprayed some cardboard and leaf to the lower half and sprinkled with utee heat set it with heat gun. You can keep adding mist until you get the desired look you want.
Then I cute. 5x7 piece and added it to my card then I added  my embellishments that I wanted to use.

With the left overs from the cuts I made this post cad for my friend that loves mixed media.
I used some cuts  and papers from Serengeti and Canvas Corp post cards

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