Thursday, August 14, 2014

Canvas Corp Brands Tattered Angels , Tattered Gel Art

Hello Everyone,
Looking for a fun way to create your own art, I have a fun paint and medium technique that will help you achieve artwork that you will be proud to hang on the wall.

I was playing with some of my favorite Tattered Angels Mists and decide to add a bit of Faber Castell Gel Medium!  Tattered Angels paints are perfect for adding tints and color to various art mediums.  They all come in a spray bottle, but don't be afraid to take off the lid.  Today I played with this combination and here are the results.  

1 - stretched canvas - make sure it has gesso or you add your own
2 - paint brush
3 - favorite colors of Tattered Angels Paints - I used Simply Sheer and Glimmer Mist
4 - Faber Castell Gel Medium
Step 1:  Use 1 tablespoon of gel medium in a small jar (baby food jars are great and have a lid). 
Step 2:  pour a small amount of shaken Glimmer Mist or Simply Sheer into the jar, the more you add the deeper the color (you will probably use anywhere from 2 1/2 to 3 tablespoons). You can also mix the colors to create unique colors.  Your goal is to reach a pudding like consistency that is perfect for painting.  
Step 3: With a paint brush start with the darkest color and paint across the canvas, letting it dry 1-2 hours before adding additional colors
Step 4:  Add additional colors sweeping the brush across the canvas.  The colors will blend creating new color combinations along the way.

Make sure you allow enough dry time after the first layer, if you choose to add colors immediately the colors will blend together, you might consider this technique as well and see which you prefer.  

 Tattered Gel Art - 'The Ocean'
Tattered Gel Art - 'Under the Sea'

I used a series of blues and greens to achieve these looks, but you can choose the color palette that coordinates with your color style.  Glimmer Mist - 'Mallard', 'True Turquoise', 'Jack Frost'; Simply Sheer 'Bright Blue' and Baseboard - 'Cardboard'

Tattered Angels Mists come in over 300 colors.  You have a full rainbow of colors to choose from when putting your combination together.  

Just have fun with this! There are no mistakes in doing this! You can always blend the colors more using the Gel Medium by adding it over the areas you already painted!

Pick out your paints today and they will be delivered to your door.  You can find the Tattered Angels sprays and canvas  here.

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Bellaidea said...

Very nice effect! I love this color combo too!