Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Canvas Corp Brands waxed Hobo bag

Hello everyone

I have a cute waxed  hobo bag to share with you today!
First you will need to get a drawstring canvas bag and some Tattered Angels sprays. I used Plainjane baseboard cardboard  and Plain Jane baseboard leaf and pariafin and bees wax! I also added an adorable canvas flower with a little bling in the center.  I wanted mine to look like an old leather bag that has been well loved!

You can find most of the products I used at ... http://shop.canvascorpbrands

First you will need to spray the bag with the Baseboard Cardboard , I sprayed my handles with leaf.  If you choose to do the handles differently you will need to be careful they will bleed onto the rest of the fabric unless you cover them compleatly with a Baggie.  I would know!  I accidentally let my Handle touch the brown part of my canvas sigh ... So to make it look  like I ment to do this I let them drop down and I twisted the bag up with them ... Yes! I like this I said... It was not ruined sweet! Now take the brick of parifin wax and 1/4 cup of bees wax and melt in a double broiler... While the wax is melting, make sure you cover your work area with paper. Okay, onto the next step after it is compleatly dry. Once the wax is all melted and mixed up, you take your paint brush and dip into the hot wax carefully not to burn yourself and paint the whole bag with the wax.  Let the bag dry. The wax will change color when dry then you can take your blow dryer in high and melt in the wax, the bag will absorb the wax , let it dry if you see a spot you missed melt it with the blow dryer!



Karan said...

this is fabulous, i love the colours you chose

Ruth L said...

I am also in love with your colours! :-)