Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tattered Angels overthinking Art

Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to share with you a Mixed Media Canvas. My inspiration for creating this was my mood. Do you ever have one of those days when your mind is just going a hundred miles an hour? Well sometimes I have them, and, today was the day I created my mood !

I first took Mod Podge and covered the entire canvas. I gently placed my 7 Gypsies tissue papers on top of the mod podge so that I would not tear it.


I printed out this pretty Vintage Lady that I found on Pinterest and fussy cut her out. I then glued her on top of the tissue paper.I then used some joint compound and randomly made smears with my spatula, then I took my piece of bubble wrap and pushed it down in the smears. Using the Tattered Tangled Quotes I cut out some words and glued them down. Notice how they are floating out from the top of her headThe last step was to take some Bees Wax and melt it over the top of the words and the ladies face.
I finished it off by spraying Tattered Angels sprays over the entire canvas. Using the wax as a resist, I wiped off the words and the ladies face. Then I splattered some of the paints by flicking my paint brush randomly, then I painted the bubble wrap with the high impact paints and stamped it randomly , be sure not to go over the face or words it doesn't wipe off as well as the sprays do. As you can see mine was covered up a little to much, however it really looks old and vintage looking. I cut one ruler into three pieces and randomly glued them down onto the canvas, I painted the alphabets with my high Impact brown paint, then I glued them down. Next I took the clothespins and
made a crown and added some flowers and gears. Place the remainder gears randomly.

Tools you will need
Heat gun or melting iron
Hot glue gun
Bubble wrap (I used this for stencil, paint on the high impact paint and randomly stamp , also with white
gesso )
You can find the Canvas Corp Brands products here.... http://shop.canvascorpbrands.com
1 blank stretched canvas
1pkg numbered tissue
1 pkg small rulers
I pkg medium clothespin
1pkg gears
1pkg keys

Flowers of choice
Tattered Angels sprays and paints the colors you would like for you home,
Tattered Angels products I used.


Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

This canvas is amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)

Dana S. said...

this one really speaks to me too! I only have three colors of the high impact paints but I really love them for mixed media and how they shine!